Adoptors & Fittings

Suction Coupling

Suction Couplings are used for water suction, which are made from GM/SS/ALU. Available in Light Duty and Heavy Duty. Sizes available 3”(75mm),4”(100mm), 51⁄2”(140mm)

Suction Strainer

Suction Strainer is fitted with Suction coupling at one end of suction hose and used for filtaration of water so that clean water passes through Suction Hose Pipe. Sizes available 3”(75mm), 4”(100mm), 51⁄2”(140mm)

Collecting Breeching

Collecting Breeching is also known as “Y” type connection it consist of two Male Instantaneous Adoptor and one Female Instantaneous Adoptor. Collecting Breeching is made from GM/SS/ALU and available in 21⁄2” size.

Controlled Dividing

Controlled Dividing breeching is used as connector as it has Valve system two different water lines can be Controlled. It consist of two Female Instantaneous Adoptor and One Male Instantaneous Adoptor. Controlled Dividing is made from Gunmetal and available in 21⁄2” size.

Female Inst.

Female Instantaneous Adopter adoptors are generally used as outlet of Hydrant valve, also they can be used separately fitted on a flange, on pipe and many more ways. Female Inst Adopter are made from GM/SS/ALU and available in 11⁄2”, 2”, 2 1⁄2”sizes.Female Inst Adopters are made with Male/Female threads at other end as per requirement.

Female Double Lug

Female Double Lug is used same as Female Inst Adopter but as it has two lugs Female Double Lug gives more grip and fitting to equipment which is attached to it. Female Double Lug is made from GM/SS/ALU and available in 2” and 21⁄2”.

Double Female

Double Female

Double Female Adoptor is used as a simple connector. Double Female has Instantaneous connections at both end which helps in connecting two lines. Double Female Adoptor is made from GM/SS/ALU and available in 21⁄2” size.

Flange Inst.

Flange Instantaneous is same as a Hydrant Valve but without Open/Close facility. Flange Instantaneous is a economic option for Hydrant Valve. Flange Instantaneous is made from Gunmetal available in 21⁄2” with flange size as per requirement.

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