Stant Post Type

Stand Post Type Water Monitors are made as per Indian standards IS : 8442. Monitors are with flanged inlet and Nozzles are fitted at outlet for throwing water. Different Nozzles Jet Nozzle, Jet/Spray Nozzles, Aqua Foam Nozzles can be fitted at the outlet as per requirement. Monitors are available in Sizes : 21⁄2”,3” & 4”.

Water Nozzle

Different Water Nozzles are made for Water Monitors. Water Nozzles are made from ALU/GM/SS. Threaded Inlet and Instantenous Inlet Nozzles are available for 2 1⁄2”, 3” and 4” Water Monitors. Jet Nozzles, Jet/Spray, Aqua Foam and Special Nozzles are made for Monitors.

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