FOAM and Fire Fighting Equipments India

Foam Making Branch Pipe

Different Foam making branchpipes are available such as FB-2,FB-5,FB-10 with and without pick up tube. Foam making Branchpipes are used as Handline Nozzle, On Fixed Monitor and also on Foam Trolley. Dilipkumar & Co is Specialized in Fire Fighting Equipments and Fire Fighting Accessories In India..Foam Nozzles are supplied with Male Instantenous Inlet or Threaded Inlet as per requirement. Foam making Branchpipes are made from Light Aluminium Alloy.

Inline Inductor

Inline Inductor are Light Weight and portable made from Aluminium Alloy. Flow 225 LPM & 450 LPM (separate models) @ 7 kg / cm2. Foam concentrate drawn through a pick up tube. Connections are of 21⁄2” Instantenous Male-Female made from GM/ALU/SS.

Flange Inline Inductor

Flange Inline Inductor made from Aluminium/SS available in 225 LPM and 450 LPM capacity supplied with isolation valve. Flange Inline Inductor is used for specific requirement.

Fire Fighting Equipments In India, Fire Fighting Accessories In India

Foam Maker

Foam maker is made from M.S. pipe. Its name is self explanatory. Foam maker is used to make Foam concentrate and generally used in storage tanks of Oil and other flamable liquids.

Mobile Foam Unit

Mobile Foam Unit/Trolley is available in 100 Ltrs/ 200 Ltrs capacity made out of from MS/SS/FRP. It is mounted on Solid wheels and Castor for easy maneuvering. Normally Aluminium Alloy Inline Inductor, Foam Making Branchpipe and Hose Pipe is supplied alongwith the Unit.

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