Reducing Inst.

Reducing Couplings are mainly used for more Jet/Pressure. Reducing Inst Couplings are made from Gunmetal. Sizes available. 11⁄2” shank x 21⁄2” Inst & 2” shank x 21⁄2” Inst.


Storz Coupling is a German Standard Coupling. Storz Coupling is made from Gunmetal and Sizes available are 2”, 21⁄2”, 3” and 4”.

Screwed LUG Type

Screwed Lug type is a American Standard Coupling made from Gunmetal. Size available is 21⁄2”.

Instantaneous Coupling

Instantenous Coupling with pull out lugs is made from GM/SS/ALU and available in 11⁄2”, 2” and 21⁄2” Sizes. Instantenous coupling are made as per Light Duty, Medium Duty and as per IS Heavy Duty Standards.

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